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How to satisfy a woman in bed: Simple tips

Every man wants to give his partner a magical sensation in sex. What to do for a lady of the heart to experience true pleasure? Leading sociologists and psychologists in the field of personal relationships tell how to satisfy a woman in bed.

how to satisfy a woman in bed

Create an intimate setting

Nice music, dim lights, a lighted scented candle, watching porn at and other romantic attributes will help a woman feel safe, relaxed and not think about anything else.

Before the meeting: clean the house; make the bed nice linens; take care of a comfortable temperature; prepare good music, tune the light. Preparing for the meeting will show the lady how dare she is to the man, how much he was waiting for the date. Caring for a partner for comfort is the first step to the emergence of female arousal.

Organize foreplay

If sex happens in a non-standard situation, lovers do without foreplay. In this case, the very fact of spontaneity is a powerful exciting factor. In a normal setting, preliminary caresses are indispensable. With their help, prepare your partner psychologically and physiologically for intimacy.

Foreplay on an unconscious level tells a woman about the care and reliability that a man shows. An emotional connection arises between partners, they are imbued with trust, liberated and revealed to each other.

  • Don’t assume foreplay is purely physical foreplay. Women enjoy both physiological and psychological levels. She physically needs to feel sexy at every stage of intimacy
  • Don’t assume foreplay is purely physical foreplay. Women enjoy both physiological and psychological levels. She physically needs to feel sexy at every stage of intimacy
  • Whisper affectionate words
  • Give playful nicknames
  • Compliment
  • Express your sincere admiration for the real virtues of the beloved
  • Strive to give, not receive

    Do not get hung up on your own interests, give love, affection, tenderness to your beloved. A partner who cares about a friend’s pleasure is primarily eager to give her pleasure. For sex to become enchanting, find out about her preferences. Remember that the desires of a man and a woman in sex can be radically different. Perhaps the guy likes something non-standard, for which the lady is not mentally ready. In such a situation, it is better to step back and focus on satisfying your partner.

    Do not rush to force events, enjoy the process itself, otherwise the woman will feel like an object for satisfying male needs. When a man is aimed at making his friend experience maximum pleasure, she responds with great ardor to affection.

    Kiss with passion

    One of the brightest erotic pleasures of a woman is kissing. They help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and increase serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

    Kiss your partner passionately and slowly. A popular sexologist has proven that kissing:

  • Improve emotional connection in a couple
  • Help to tune in to a partner
  • Allow a woman to unconsciously evaluate a man as a sexual partner
  • The touch of the lips speaks to a woman of a spiritual connection with her partner.

    Talk to a woman

    Conversations with a partner during intimacy not only contribute to increased arousal, but also help to find out what she likes about sex and what brings maximum pleasure.

    Psychotherapist, writer Martel Brigitte in the book “Sexuality, Love and Gestalt” explained that silence leads to a deterioration in the relationship and negatively affects the sexuality of both partners. Psychologist Allan Pease in his book “The Language of Man-Woman Relationships” notes that a woman perceives the silence of a man during sex as disinterest in her as a person.

    To satisfy a woman’s psychological need:

  • Say affectionate words, cute nicknames
  • Talk about your feelings, confess your love
  • Admire your partner
  • Ask what she likes and what does not
  • Ask what needs to be done to make her feel good
  • Do not use harsh or provocative phrases that can cause a woman to feel embarrassed, ashamed, humiliated, or hurt.

    React to your partner’s caresses

    A woman loves to give pleasure and gets great physical and psychological pleasure when she sees how good the partner is with her. Don’t be indifferent when she takes the initiative.

    Make it clear what her actions are enjoyable and how enjoyable what she is doing. Express emotions without hesitation – every sigh, groan or approving whisper proves to your partner that she is a skillful lover and helps to increase her self-esteem.

    When a woman is lost because she is afraid to cause discomfort or is inexperienced in sexual pleasures, tell her what actions are most desirable at this moment. Do not insist on what is unacceptable for one reason or another for your partner.

    Strive for mutual orgasm

    Strive to please the woman first. Be patient, take your time. If you are afraid to come to the finish line earlier, switch from your own feelings to your partner. Your efforts will tell a woman how important her pleasure is to a man.

    To give a woman pleasure is within the power of every man. Listen to the advice of experienced professionals, be patient, and sex will turn into a bright memorable event for both partners.