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What is gooning?


What is gooning? It’s defined as entering a trance-like state after prolonged delay of orgasm during masturbation, or “edging” as it’s called. According to porn addicts, when this “gooning” state is achieved the masturbator and his dick “become one”. Also, during this state the masturbator’s reactions would reflect his level of arousal, becoming more vocal and demonstrative. Grunting, muttering and doing awkward poses are known to happen and he may also show less than flattering facial expressions like his mouth being agape with his tongue out, essentially looking like a “goon”.

what is gooning

Gooning enthusiasts claim that this state of orgasmic bliss without actually reaching orgasm and could last for hours is far more enjoyable compared to your regular 3-minute fap session. It’s important to note though that this state couldn’t be reached without its vital component – Edging.

what is gooning


Edging is described as masturbating to the point that you’re almost about to cum before stopping it completely. Think of it as intentionally giving yourself blue balls and then prolonging it before you finally allow yourself to climax. These “edging sessions” could last hours, and hardcore masturbators claim that it results in the best and most intense orgasms they’ve ever had. Imagine stroking your dick to teen pussy pictures and just when you’re about to blow your load, your computer suddenly crashes. Yeah, something like that. Edge long enough and you may reach the much sought-after semi-meditative “gooning state”. Goon long enough and you may reach cosmic enlightenment, with you learning the secrets of the universe and the purpose of life itself.

what is gooning

Regardless of what your preference is, whether you like to jerk off quickly to amateur girls or delay your gratification by edging or gooning, most health experts agree that masturbation is good for you. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to fap!


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