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Exhibitionism – Exposing the psychology behind it

What is exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism(also called exhibitionistic disorder) is defined as the act of exposing one’s genitals to non-consenting persons in order to obtain sexual gratification. The exhibitionist is turned on by whatever reaction he could elicit from a stranger after seeing his junk. Exhibitionism is also a type of paraphylic disorder. Take note that the key word here is “non-consenting persons”. This means that your girlfriend flashing her tits to tease you while inside an elevator with nobody else around doesn’t count.

Not all exhibitionists have a disorder

Psychiatrists say that not all exhibitionists have exhibitionistic disorder. According to them, it’s only considered a “disorder” if the person experiences distress or if they are unable to function properly because of their urges. Most of the time, the person is only diagnosed and treated for the said disorder after they have been arrested. Exhibitionism is more common in men and the victim is usually a woman or a child.

Women can have exhibitionist tendencies too, right?

Exhibitionistic disorder may be rare in women, but it doesn’t mean that it’s non-existent. There are different ways that women can expose themselves. Wearing skimpy outfits frequently or always “forgetting” to draw their apartment window curtain while getting dressed are a few examples.


Reddit user “myexsparamour” claims to have enjoyed every minute of being a stripper. According her, she loved all the attention and the validation. Interestingly, she also says she loved being objectified. I’m not really sure feminists will agree with you on that one, honey.

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