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  • John Doebert

    Hi, I reached your blog from motherless, where your “FapConnoisseur” profile is hosted. I am looking for your post:

    01 May 2017 9:52PM
    Here’s 441 pics & 10 videos of her:

    The link is broken and 404 Not found is the only answer.

    i wonder if you could upload it again or give me an address to grab the material, as I have already 680 images of this model.


    • VoyeurMan

      Hello, before anything else I would like to commend you on your detective work. Yeah, I still have that collection with me, but it’s on another laptop that got broken(OS startup issues). I haven’t gotten around to fixing it since I’m always busy with other stuff. I think there’s about 2,000+ pics of that chick with all duplicates removed if I’m not mistaken. One of these days if I have some extra time I’ll look into that laptop. Cheers!

      • John

        Now I ‘ve seen where your message was posted.

        I am interested in your material about Carolina Tyson; maybe we could get a deal.

        Just reply me again.



    • VoyeurMan

      BTW I also couldn’t log in to that motherless account since I forgot the password and email I used to register LOL.


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